Out Patient Dental Surgeries

Westen Heights Dental, Knoxville TN

With early childhood caries being prevalent in our area, we offer dental treatment in the hospital as an outpatient. This type of outpatient surgery is not recommended for all patients, but when necessary, it can ensure patient obtains the dental and restorative service they require in a calm and safe environment.

There are a number of factors that help Dr. Myers to determine if a child would benefit from being treated as an outpatient for their dental surgery. The two main types of patients are

  1. Young children who need significant dental work. If the child is unable to sit still to have x-rays taken in an office setting, they would struggle to remain calm and cooperative for any dental procedure that could take 30 mins or more. A child who is not able to remain still will put themselves at risk of accidental injury during a dental procedure. For this reason, Dr. Myers would recommend treating patients as an outpatient in a hospital environment.
  2. For children who are physically and/or mentally disabled or whose health is medically compromised, Dr. Myers would also recommend an outpatient setting for dental treatment.

We at Western Heights Dental are located near East Tennessee Children’s Hospital where Dr. Myers has dental privileges. Dr. Myers is able to provide effective dental treatment in an outpatient setting for those special needs. Dr. Myers is a TennCare provider of dental services.